Fetal Development Models

Models for teaching embyonic and fetal development.

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Embryonic Development Model

Shows Fertilization to End of 2nd Month Pregnancy in 12 Stages
$615.00 excluding shipping

Fetus Model Set

Four Models 12, 16, 22 and 30 Weeks
Helps Expectant Mothers Visualize Size of Their Babies
From $199.00 excluding shipping

Human Reproduction and Development

Kit for Demonstrating Embryo and Fetus Development
$515.00 excluding shipping

Life in the Womb Model Set

Life in the Womb Prenatal Education Set
From $490.00 excluding shipping

Stages of Fertilization and Embryo Model

Stages are Shown in Larger-than-Life Model Form
$345.00 excluding shipping

Uterus Fetus Model Set

Fetal Models Can Be Removed for Hands-On Learning
Ideal for Teaching Fetal Development
From $369.00 excluding shipping

Womb to Grow Model Set

Nine, Pillowlike Models Represent Average Size & Weight of Fetus
Developed by Childbirth Educators
$230.00 excluding shipping