Fetal Development Models

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Embryo Model

Model of 4 week embryo at 25 times life size
Great for Studying Human Development
$79.00 excluding shipping

Embryo Models

Ideal for Childbirth Education
Choose 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Month
$109.00 excluding shipping

Embryonic Development Model

Features 12 Stages of Fetal Development
From Ovum to end of 2nd Month
From $549.00 excluding shipping

Fetus Model Set

Four Models 12, 16, 22 and 30 Weeks
Helps Expectant Mothers Visualize Size of Their Babies
From $179.00 excluding shipping

Fetus Models Positioned in the Uterus

Ideal for Childbirth Education
Models at Various Stages of Development & Positions
$0.00 excluding shipping

Human Reproduction and Development

Kit for Demonstrating Embryo and Fetus Development
Includes Miracle of Life DVD
From $469.00 excluding shipping

Pregnancy Display with 5 Models

5 Models Showing Important Stages of Fetal Development
Includes 5 month Breech Position Model
$569.00 excluding shipping

Pregnancy Display with 8 Models

Shows the Complete Stages of Development
Includes Breech, Transvere Lie & Twins Models
$869.00 excluding shipping

Stages of Fertilization and Embryo Model

Stages are Shown in Larger-than-Life Model Form
Enlarged Illustration Printed on Base
$329.00 excluding shipping

Uterus Fetus Model Set

Fetal Models Can Be Removed for Hands-On Learning
Ideal for Teaching Fetal Development
From $369.00 excluding shipping