Floradix Herbal Supplements

Floradix supplements strengthen the body over time, and are best used on an ongoing basis to prevent deficiencies and bring the body back to equilibrium. The low dosages in Floradix tonics are safe for daily use and result in increased overall nutrient absorption. Better absorption means you don't need to take as much!

All raw materials (herbs and food concentrates) used in Floradix formulas are tested for active constituents, and every phase of production is strictly monitored. Whole herbs are used rather than standardized extracts, resulting in the maximum yield of active ingredients using the most gentle extraction method possible. Made to European pharmaceutical standards (GMP) and certified Kosher, Floradix tonics contain no GMO ingredients and are free of preservatives, additives, artifical colors, artificial sweeteners, pesticide residues, radiation and heavy metals. Any honey used is purified and pasteurized, so the children's tonics are safe for children under 2. Vegetarian-friendly, the tonics are also bottled in recyclable amber glass to avoid leeching of harmful plastics into the product!

Great-tasting on their own or mixed in with other liquids, Floradix tonics (unlike tablets) require no binders or fillers, are easy to swallow and are unlikely to result in digestive distress, which is an important consideration for children, the elderly and those with digestive problems. As a liquid, the dosage can be changed over time or adjusted for different members of the family to suit each of your individual needs.

Floradix formulas are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and are an excellent way to maintain good iron levels in pregnant women, nursing moms and busy midwives.