Carb-N-Sert Forceps

Tissue & Dressing Forceps with tungsten carbide intert tips that permit atraumatic and firm grasp of tissue.

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Adson Brown Tissue Forceps CNS - Miltex

4 3/4" Long with 7 x 7 Teeth
Wide Flat Thumb Grasp Area
$199.00 excluding shipping

Adson Dressing Forceps CNS - Miltex

4 3/4" with Cross Serrated Tips
$119.00 excluding shipping

Adson Tissue Forceps CNS - Miltex

4.75" with 1 x 2 Teeth
Cross Serrated Tying Platform
$159.00 excluding shipping

Dressing Forceps CNS - Miltex

6" Straight with Serrated Tips
Delicate Style
$109.00 excluding shipping