1524KL Pediatric Beam - Health O Meter

Pediatric Beam Scale
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Manufacturer part number: 1524KL
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries the Health O Meter Pediatric Beam 1524KL Scale. The design of this scale offers both precision and child safety. Its durable steel base and easy-to-clean seat guarantee long-lasting reliability, and has rotating poise bars for dual reading of pounds and kilograms with lock-in poise bar for error-free measurements.


  • Factory calibrated to ensure accuracy
  • The ABS plastic seat reduces infant movement and provides comfort
  • Weighs up to 130 lbs (65 kg) in 1 oz (20 g) increments
  • Seat is 25" x 13" x 6.75"
  • Scale dimensions are 24" x 20.25" x 22.25"
  • Two year limited warranty