Healthy Steps for Teen Parents DVD

Includes 3 Volumes
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries the Healthy Steps for Teen Parents DVD with three volumes on one disc. With captivating style, Healthy Steps for Teen Parents explores pregnancy, birth and postpartum from a unique teen viewpoint. Packed with need-to-know information, this convenient DVD containing all 3 volumes, takes a realistic, informative and reassuring look at the teen pregnancy experience.

Teens get the straight story from their peers on the entire birth journey, from the first finding out, to exploring childcare options. Colorful graphics, animation and a fast-paced, cutting-edge look, all add up to a video that is as engaging as it is important.

Volume 1: Prenatal Care

Join teen moms and dads as they candidly share their prenatal experiences. See how they deal with their changing world and the steps they take to insure a healthy baby.

Volume 2: Labor and Birth

Viewers will get an intimate look at what to expect during labor as they follow the birth stories of Marquita, who has an epidural, and Samantha and Kevin, who birth without medication.

Volume 3: Postpartum

Teen parents face a world of new choices and challenges. Follow the real-life experiences of young parents as they adjust to the realities of joys of life with a new baby.

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