Holistic Midwifery Volume 2 Book

A Comprehensive Midwifery Guide For Labor & Birth
By Anne Frye
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries Holistic Midwifery Volume II, Care During Labor and Birth, by Anne Frye. This volume follows the same format as the first, and is filled with the extensive research, hard-to-find information, and details that you would expect from Ms. Frye. With more than 1,500 pages in all, this new textbook includes such highlights as:

  • maternal and fetal anatomy and physiology
  • summaries for the Cardinal Spiraling Movements for all eight formal presentations
  • Fetal-to-newborn cardiopulmonary transition
  • Birth and examination of the placenta
  • Newborn examination
  • Complex and uncommon labor situations
  • Neonatal triage

Hardcover, 2004

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