How To Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor Book

Advise Home Treatments For Childhood Ailments
By Dr. Robert Mendelsohn
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries the book, How To Raise a Healthy Child...In Spite of Your Doctor, by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn. In this book, renowned pediatrician and author, Dr. Mendelsohn, advises parents on home treatment and diagnosis of colds and flus, childhood illnesses, vision and hearing problems, allergies, and more.

This book comes complete with instructions for parents on how to: diagnose and treat their children without medical intervention; how to determine if their child is sick enough for a doctor; and how to recognize the correct medical treatments. Dr. Mendelsohn has also included an entire section dedicated to picking the right doctor for your child with step-by-step instructions for knowing when it's best to call a doctor. 

Paperback. 1987

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