Intraoperative Doppler Systems, Huntleigh

Intraoperative Doppler Sytems with Serilizable 8mhz Probes
Available with either the D900 Mini Doppler of the MD2 Multi Doppler
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The  Huntleigh Intraoperative Doppler Probe System with sterilizable probes has been specifically designed for use during surgery or anytime a sterile 8mhz probe is required. Using intraoperative probes during surgery allows you to confirm the blood flow prior to closing, which saves time. Intraoperative probes can also be used to locate small vessels in skin flaps during cosmetic procedures.

The complete Hunteigh Intraoperative Doppler Systems includes the doppler and a probe starter pack. For those who already have either the D900 Mini Dopplex or the MDII Multi Dopplex, all you need is the probe starter pack to convert your doppler to surgical use.


  • Probes can be sterilized using an Autoclave, Ethylene Oxide or Steris System
  • The 8 MHz probes provide reliable flow detection in native vessels and some prosthetic grafts
  • The super-flex 10-foot cable does not link or tangle when in use
  • Depending on Doppler system chosen, audible, visual and hard copy confirmation of blood flow is possible
  • Special electronic adaptor resists diathermy interference and connects to any Huntleigh Vascular Doppler

Huntleigh Intraoperative System with MDII Multi Dopplex

  • Huntleigh MD2 Multi Dopplex II, click here for more features on the MD2 Doppler
  • One 8 mhz intraoperative probe
  • One connector
  • Uses one 9V battery - included

Huntleigh Intraoperative System  D900 Mini Dopplex

  • Huntleigh D900 Mini Dopplex, click here for more features on the D900 Doppler
  • One 8 mhz intraoperative probe
  • One connector
  • Uses one 9V battery - included

Probe & Connector Starter Pack

For practitioners who already have a Huntleigh MD2 or Huntleigh D900 Doppler, we offer a Probe Starter Pack with all  you need to transform your Doppler into an Intraoperative Doppler.

  • Three 8 mhz intraoperative probes
  • One connector
  • *No Doppler*

Probe Pack

For practitioners who are simply looking for replacement probes without need for a connector or Doppler, this probe pack is specially designed for you.

  • Three 8 mhz intraoperative Dopplers
  • *No connector and no Doppler*