Intraoperative Systems

The Huntleigh Intraoperative Dopplex Probe System is designed for surgical use and features easy to clean  sterilizable probes. For those looking for a complete system, choose from our D900 Mini Dopplex with a Probe Starter Pack or our MD2 Dopplex with a Probe Starter Pack. If you already own a Huntleigh D900 or MD2 Multi Dopplex Vascular Doppler you can order the Probe Starter Pack and convert your exisiting doppler for surgical use.


Intraoperative Doppler Probes, Huntleigh

Intraoperative Sterilizable 8mhz Doppler Probes Only
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Intraoperative Doppler Systems, Huntleigh

Intraoperative Doppler Sytems with Serilizable 8mhz Probes
Available with either the D900 Mini Doppler of the MD2 Multi Doppler
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