Huntleigh Obstetrical

Huntleigh Obstetrical  Dopplers include audio only and models with digital displays. The FD1+, FD3, D920 and D930 feature waterproof probes. The FD2 Obstetrical Doppler features interchangeable 2mhz or 3mhz probes.

When choosing your Huntleigh fetal Doppler, there are two popular probe options to suit your specific needs. The 2 MHz is a general-use Obstetrical Probe that detects FHR as early as 10 weeks, while the enhanced 3 MHz Obstetrical Probe detects FHR as early as 8 weeks.



Audio Dopplex D920 - Huntleigh

D920 Audio Only Doppler with 2mhz Waterproof Probe

Flexi Dopplex D930 - Huntleigh

D930 Audio only Doppler with 3mhz Waterproof Probe
$495.00 excluding shipping

FD 1+ Fetal Doppler - Huntleigh

FD 1+ with Digital Display and 2mhz Waterproof Probe
From $549.00

FD 3 Fetal Doppler - Huntleigh

FD3 with Digital Display and 3mhz Waterproof Probe
From $549.00 excluding shipping

Fetal Dopplex II - Huntleigh

Huntleigh FD II Obstetrical Doppler with Digital Display and Probe
$0.00 excluding shipping