Cascade HealthCare Products carries an extensive variety of Huntleigh Dopplers at unbeatable prices including: Huntleigh FD1+, Huntleigh FD2, Huntleigh FD3, Huntleigh D900, Huntleigh D920, Huntleigh D930, Huntleigh MD2 and Huntleigh SD2 obstetrical and vascular Dopplers, as well as the Huntleigh Intraoperative Doppler System.

Huntleigh is a leading global provider of innovative and high quality medical equipment for health care professionals. Their Diagnostic Products Division proudly boasts world leading brands that cover health care requirements in obstetrics, vascular assessment and patient monitoring. We carry a comprehensive line of hand-held and tabletop Huntleigh Dopplers to suit your specific needs. Choose from features that include: audio-only; Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) display; interchangeable probes; waterproof probes perfect for water births; bi-directional blood flow display; ABI Dopplers; and Intraoperative Dopplers. We also carry a variety of obstetrical and vascular probes from Huntleigh that are sold separately for your convenience.

*Please see each Doppler's page for specific warranty details.

Shipping costs for single handheld Dopplers (tabletop Dopplers not included) in the Continental US range from $10 - $18 depending on the destination. Even with shipping costs included, our prices are unbeatable!

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If you need help choosing the right products, Cheryl Meyers has over 30 years of experience working with midwives and other health care professionals. You can email questions to or call us at (800)443-9942.