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Kit of Popular Single 30x Homeopathic Remedies
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Hyland's Homeopathic Remedy Chest contains 29 of the most commonly used single homeopathic remedies. Each bottle of 30x potency remedies is fully labeled, including directions and indications for use.

Contents include bottles of 250 quick-dissolving tablets of the following remedies:

aconitum napellus, allium cepa, antimonium tartaricum, apis mellifaca, arnica montana, arsenicum album, belladonna, bryonia alba, calcarea phosphorica, cantharis, carbo vegetabillis, chamomilla, ferrum phosphoricum, gelsemium sempervirens, hepar sulphuris calcareum, hypericum perfoliatum, ignatia amara, ipecadcuanha, ledum palustre, magnesia phosphorica, mercurius vivus, nux vomica, phosphorus, pulsatilla, rhus toxicodendron, ruta graveolens, spongia tosta, sulphur, veratrum album.

Enclosed in every kit is a Single Remedy Reference Guide that was written by a well-known and respected homeopathic physician.