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Homeopathic Remedy Kit for Kids
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Cascade HealthCare Products has the homeopathic medicine every parent needs. Hyland's Kid's Kit is a basic homeopathic remedy kit that contains the most commonly used remedies for kids.

Kit Contents:

  •  Aconite 30X
  •  Arnica 30X
  •  Belladonna 30X
  •  Chamomilla 30X
  •  Ferrum Phos. 30X
  •  Hepar Sulph. 30X
  •  Bumps'n Bruises Ointment

If you need help choosing the right homeopathic products, our midwifery specialist, Cheryl Meyers, has over 30 years of experience working with mothers, midwives and health care professionals and has personally used Rescue Remedy for almost as long! You can email questions to cherylatcascade@gmail.com or call us at (800)443-9942.

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Hyland's Kids' Kit, Each
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