Imex Pocket Dop II Vascular Doppler

Audio Only Vascular Doppler
Choose either 5mhz or 8mhz probes.
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The Imex Pocket-Dop II  Vascular Doppler is a extremely durable, full-featured doppler with interchangeable probes. The Pocket-Dop II is an audio only doppler that provides clear, static free sound and is ideal for screening for peripheral arterial disease and other occlusive vasular conditions.  Can also be used to accurately monitor pulses and systolic blood pressures, confirm bdlood flow to wound sites, and locate vessesls for catherization. The doppler comes complete with high quality speaker, recharger, rechargeable batteries, soft case, and interchangeable probe(s) of your choice. Cascade has carried the Pocket-Dop II for over 25 years and it continues to be a Cascade Best Seller!!

The 5mhz vascular probe has a deeper penetration than the 8mhz probe and is most commonly used to locate hard-to-find pulses and monitoring deep veins and arteries in legs: and for ABI studies in larger patients.

The 8mhz vascular probe has a shallow penetration and is best used to assess superficial vessels. It is most commonly used for Ankle/Brachial Indes (ABI) studies, finding pedal pulses and would care applications.