Imex Parts & Probes

Imex Doppler Probes and replacement parts for Imex Pocket Dop II, Imex FreeDop and ImexDop CT+. If you don't see the part you need listed, please call us at 800 449-3342

Imex Pocket Dop & ImexDop CT+ Probes Only

Probes only for Pocket Dop II & ImexDop CT+

Imex Pocket Dop II Batteries

Rechargeable -AA- Batteries for Imex Pocket Dop II Dopplers
Package of 2
$18.00 excluding shipping

Imex Pocket Dop II Recharger Only

Recharger for Imex Pocket Dop II
$48.00 excluding shipping

ImexDop CT+ Battery Only

Replacement Battery for ImexDop CT+ Dopplers
$49.00 excluding shipping

Imex FreeDop Probes Only

Probes only for Imex FreeDop Dopplers

Imex FreeDop Battery Only

Rechargeable Battery for FreeDop Doppler
$49.00 excluding shipping

Imex FreeDop Battery for Probes

Replacement Battery for Imex FreeDop Probes
$37.00 excluding shipping

Imex FreeDop Recharging Stand

Replacement Recharging Stand for Imex FreeDop Dopplers
$160.00 excluding shipping