IMEXDOP CT+ Vascular Doppler

Tabletop Vascular w/Digital Display & Dual Speakers
Choose from 5mhz or 8mhz Probes
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ImexDop CT+ Vascular Doppler

The IMEXDOP CT+ Vascular Doppler is a sturdy, tabletop, portable system with easy-to-use controls, large digital display and dual speakers. For vascular use, the 5 & 8mhz probes provide accesss to both deep and superficial arteries and veins for determining systolic blood pressures, vessel patency and locating hard-to-find vessels.

The system operates on a rechargeable battery and comes complete with charging stand that can be set on the counter, mounted to the wall or IV pole. The ImexDop CT+ Doppler's dual speakers deliver superb sound, even in noisy environments. The ImexDop CT+ features low battery indicator, automatic shut off and stores two probes inside the unit.

Probe Options

  • The 5mhz vascular probe has a deeper penetration than the 8mhz probe and is most commonly used to locate hard-to-find pulses and monitoring deep veins and arteries in legs: and for ABI studies in larger patients.
  • The 8mhz vascular probe has a shallow penetration and is best used to assess superficial vessels. It is most commonly used for Ankle/Brachial Indes (ABI) studies, finding pedal pulses and would care applications.

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