Lancets for Newborns

Newborn lancets are used for drawing blood for required newborn screenings. Cascade has found three lancets that we feel are best for securing a good draw with only one poke. Our selection includes  Gentleheel™, BD QuikHeel™ and Tenderfoot™ infant lancets. All of the lancets we carry are excellent heel incision devices of relatively equal effectiveness.


Gentleheel Newborn Lancet

Sterile Newborn Lancet, 1mm Depth, 2.5mm Width
This is our Bestselling Lancet
From $1.99 excluding shipping

QuikHeel Newborn Lancet - BD

Sterile Newborn Lancet 1mm Depth, 2.5mm Width
Maximizes Blood Flow, Minimizes Pain
From $2.99 excluding shipping

Tenderfoot Newborn Lancet

Sterile Newborn Lancet Device, 1mm Depth, 2.5mm Width
Features SoftSweep Incision Method
From $2.19 excluding shipping