Exam Table Paper, Antimicrobial - InhibX

Strong Exam Table Paper With Antimicrobial Layer
18" & 21" Widths
excluding shipping

InhibX® antimicrobial-treated Exam Table Paper 18" is strong exam paper othat ffers an added layer of protection providing infection control, minimizing the potential for cross-contamination.

The antimicrobial technology is proven safe and effective through numerous patents and certified tests, and is effective against a wide range of microorganisms including mold, mildew, fungi and odor-causing bacteria. The technology is non-migrating and never allows for microbial adaptation. 


  • 125" Rolls
  • Smooth embossed
  • InhibX® antimicrobial technology is EPA-registered and proven to protect
  • Bleach free  
  • Minimizes the risk of cross-contamination
  • Proven safe and effective in inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and providing advanced protection