Midwife Bags

Not only does Iron Duck produce great products but they also have  created a line of bags especially for midwives.  All Iron Duck Midwifery Bags are made from durable purple fabric and the International Midwifery Symbol is stiched on the bags. Cascade uses  Iron Duck Midwife Bags for our Midwifery Kits including our Cascade Prenatal Kit and our Cascade Resuscitation Set!

Made from the most durable fabrics available, triple stitched for reinforcement, and finished with all metal hardware, Iron Duck medical bags have proven to be one of our best brand name products in terms of customer reviews. Iron Duck products are built for life and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty, making them perfect for professionals looking for great value and excellent quality.


Backpack Plus by Iron Duck

Iron Duck Multipurpose Backpack with O2 Compartment
From $375.00 excluding shipping

Breathsaver Oxygen Bag - Iron Duck

Breathsaver Oxygen Bag by Iron Duck
From $195.00 excluding shipping

Breathsaver Oxygen Bag Plus - Iron Duck

Breathsaver Purple Oxygen Bag Plus with Pocket for Oxygen Tank
From $295.00 excluding shipping

General Use Bag by Iron Duck

Iron Duck General Use Bag Makes a Great Prenatal Bag or Home Visit Bag
$59.00 excluding shipping

Supply Case, Iron Duck

Iron Duck Midwife Supply Case for Prenatal Use
From $89.00 excluding shipping

Trauma Pack Plus Bag - Iron Duck

Trauma Pack Plus is a Large Storage Bag for Equipment & Supplies
$0.00 excluding shipping

Ultra Sofbox Plus Bag - Iron Duck

Ultra Sofbox Plus has Pockets, Compartments and Adjustable Dividers
$0.00 excluding shipping

Wheeled Equipment Bag - Iron Duck

Iron Duck Wheeled Equipment Bag
Holds D Size Oxygen Tank & Equipment
$0.00 excluding shipping