Pedi Air Align XL - Iron Duck

Extra Long Pediatric Board
For Children 0-5 Years Old

Cascade HealthCare Products carries the Iron Duck Pedi Air Align XL, an extra long pediatric sized board that is specially designed for children aged 0-5 years, to ensure accommodation of even the smallest of patients on the scene. The board's Patented Dual Plane Head Drop System supports the larger occipital area of a child's head allowing you to immobilize a patient, establish neutral spine alignment and maintain their airway at the same time. 


  • 100% X-Ray and CT Scan translucent, MRI compatible
  • Eligible for the Iron Duck Customization Program
  • Has same features as the original Pedi Air Align but with an additional 4" of width
  • Only pediatric immobilization board that is roto-molded from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) to create a seamless, one piece product
  • Measures 48"L x 16"W x 1.5"D - 9.5lbs
  • Available in teal, yellow and blue

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