Kegel Stickers

Bright Orange
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries Kegel Stickers in bright orange. These stickers are fun and easy reminders for kegel exercises! Perfect to pop into a thank you note or gift pack for your midwife, expecting moms or doulas.

Looking for additional gift ideas for your midwife? We have listed some of our top sellers for midwives in our Midwife Gifts section, most of which come in purple - and where applicable, with a midwifery logo - in support of midwifery! Just click here to see the complete Midwife Gift section.

Cheryl Meyers has over 30 years of experience working with midwives and health care professionals. If you need assistance in finding the right product, you can email questions to or call us at (800)443-9942.

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Kegel Stickers Pkg of 25
Pkg of 25
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