Foley Catheter Dover

2 Way Standard Tip 30cc Balloon
Choose either 18fr or 22fr
excluding shipping

Dover Foley Catheter Silicone Coated 

Foley catheters have often been used for labor induction as a means of rippening and dilating the cervix. In order to achieve this, the tip is placed into the opening of the cervix, and the balloon is gently inflated. The balloon places an even amount of pressure on the cervix with the intetion of releasing local prostaglandins that can ripen the cervix. For some women, the catheter will induce contractions and in other situations it may dilate the cervix anywhere from 3 cm to 4 cm.

  • 2-way Foley catheter
  • 17" long
  • 18fr or 22fr
  • Standard tip
  • Has a 30cc Balloon
  • Silicone coated latex
  • Sterile

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