Labor Progress Pocket Guide

Shows all 10 Centimeters of Dilation in Actual Size
A Great Visual Aid for Childbirth Educators
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The  Labor Progress Guide by Childbirth Graphics is a great visual aid and guide to the progress of labor. It is designed for explaining dilatation, effacement and fetal positioning as it shows each of the 10 centimeters of dilatation in actual size. The Guide has 13 layers attached by a removable ring enabling you to use one layer with another. Each of the first 10 layers represents cervical dilatation and effacement, using die cut holes to accurately present the 10 cm of dilation, and including a timeline of the three phases of labor. Page 12 is a special translucent paper amniotic layer to place under any layer that the instructor wishes. Layer 13 is the fetal head with fontanels to teach fetal position.