Lancets for Newborns

Lancets for use on newborns and infants. 

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Gentleheel Newborn Lancet

Sterile Newborn Lancet, 1mm Depth, 2.5mm Width
This is our Bestselling Lancet
From $1.75 excluding shipping

QuikHeel Newborn Lancet - BD

Sterile Newborn Lancet 1mm Depth, 2.5mm Width
Maximizes Blood Flow, Minimizes Pain
From $2.95 excluding shipping

Tenderfoot Newborn Lancet

Sterile Newborn Lancet Device, 1mm Depth, 2.5mm Width
Features SoftSweep Incision Method
From $2.00 excluding shipping

Heel Warmer - Infant

Warms Infant's Heels to Increase Blood Flow
Provides Safe Evenly Distributed Heat
From $1.15 excluding shipping