Laryngocopes, Disposable

These innovative disposable laryngoscopes by ADC  use fiber optic type light transmission with low cost LED illumination. Ideal for those who do occasional resuscitation and perfect for teaching intubation.

Laryngoscope Sets Disposable - ADC

Sets with 4 Handles & 4 Blades
Choose Miller or Macintosh Blades
$0.00 excluding shipping

Laryngoscopes Handle Disposable - ADC

Innovative Disposable Laryngoscope Handles
For Occasional Resuscitation or Teaching
From $4.29 excluding shipping

Laryngoscope Miller Blades Disposable - ADC

Miller Style Disposable Blades
Used with Disposable Handle
From $4.29 excluding shipping

Laryngoscope Bag - Iron Duck

Stores & Protects Laryngoscope Handles & Blades
Room for ET Tubes & Supplies
$44.00 excluding shipping