Laryngocopes, Disposable

These innovative laryngoscopes by ADC  use fiber optic type light transmittion with LED illumination. Ideal for those who do occasional resuscitation and perfect for teaching resuscitation.

Laryngoscope Bag - Iron Duck

Stores & Protects Laryngoscope Handles & Blades
Room for ET Tubes & Supplies
$44.00 excluding shipping

Laryngoscope Miller Blade Disposable - ADC

Miller Disposable Blades
Used with Disposable Handle
$6.00 excluding shipping

Laryngoscope Set Disposable - ADC

Set Includes Handle, Miller -0- and Miller -1- Blades
From $14.00 excluding shipping

Laryngoscopes Handle Disposable - ADC

Innovative Disposable Laryngoscope Handles
For Occasional Resuscitation or Teaching
From $4.00 excluding shipping