Laryngoscopes, ADC

ADC Fiberoptic Laryngoscopes

ADC Fiberoptic Laryngoscopes are ideal for those are looking for a quality yet cost-effective laryngoscope. Fiberoptic light transmission provides for cool, obstruction-free viewing and the 2.v halogen illumination offers long-lasting light performance. Choose from several handle sizes and blade types (Miller & Macintosh) and you can order the parts you need or complete sets. Every ADC laryngoscope component is fully compatible with all major brands of laryngoscopes conforming to ASTM F965 or ISO 7376.

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Laryngoscope Handle - Fiberoptic

Well balanced power handle that offers bright illumination
$69.00 excluding shipping

Laryngoscope Blade Miller - Fiberoptic

Miller Straight Blades Sizes 0 -4
Best Choice for Newborns
$59.00 excluding shipping

Laryngoscope Set Miller - Fiberoptic

Miller Set Includes Two Handles, Small & Medium
Five Blades Sizes 1-5
Foam Lined Fitted Case
$430.00 excluding shipping

Laryngoscope Macintosh Blade - Fiberoptic

Macintosh Curved Blade
Sizes 0-4
$59.00 excluding shipping

Laryngoscope Set Macintosh - Fiberoptic

Set Include Two Handles
and Four Blades Sizes 1-4
$372.00 excluding shipping

Laryngoscope Bag - Iron Duck

Stores & Protects Laryngoscope Handles & Blades
Room for ET Tubes & Supplies
$44.00 excluding shipping