Laryngoscopes, Generic

Generic Laryngoscopes are ideal for those who only have occasional need for a laryngoscope. Available with  brighter white Fiber Optic lighting which is best especially for those who only do an occasional intubation.  For those doing newborn resuscitation we suggest you order a handle, a Miller -0- and a Miller -1- blade and a two extra bulbs. Handle size should be based on hand size. We do offer a complete set up that includes a carrying case.

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Laryngoscope Handles - Fiber Optic

Handles For Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades
$0.00 excluding shipping

Miller Laryngoscope Blade - Fiber Optic

Miller Blades With Fiber Optic Light
Used with Fiber Optic Handles
$0.00 excluding shipping

MacIntosh Laryngoscope Blades - Fiber Optic

MacIntosh Laryngoscope Blades With Fiber Optic Light
$0.00 excluding shipping

Laryngoscope Set - Fiber Optic

Complete Set with Fiber Optic Lighting
$210.00 excluding shipping

Laryngoscope Bag - Iron Duck

Stores & Protects Laryngoscope Handles & Blades
Room for ET Tubes & Supplies
$44.00 excluding shipping