Love You Forever Book

Story of A Mother's Love For Her Son
By Robert Munsch
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch. This beloved book proves that no matter how grown up our babies get, our love never ceases. The story details the cycle of life by chronicling the experiences of a young son and his mother throughout the course of the boy's life, describing the exasperating behavior exhibited by him throughout his youth. In spite of her occasional aggravation caused by her son's behavior, the mother nonetheless visits his bedroom nightly to cradle him in her arms, and sing a brief lullaby promising to always love him.

After her son enters adulthood and leaves home, his elderly mother occasionally sneaks into his bedroom at night to croon her customary lullaby. However she gradually grows old and frail, and her grown son visits his feeble, sickly mother for the final time. He sings an altered rendition of her lullaby in reciprocation of the unconditional love that she had shown him.

Available in hardcover and paperback. 1986

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