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Educational Breastfeeding Film
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries the Making Enough Milk: The Key to Successful Breastfeeding...Planning for Day One DVD. This video is a must for every expectant and new mother, for those who plan to use a breast pump, for mothers who struggle with low milk supply, and for professionals who tech or heal breastfeeding mothers.

Too little milk is the number one reason given by mothers who give up on breastfeeding. Yet, almost every mother is physically capable of making just what she needs by using simple, research-proven techniques, beginning on day one. Whatever that first day brings for you, a healthy baby who is a “natural breastfeeding pro” or one who needs help, plan ahead to learn exactly what you can do to make enough milk.  Any mother who uses a breast pump will benefit from learning how to really express milk, while learning what pump directions leave out. Watch all 3 chapters before or right after delivery. Then, navigate from the menu screen for review.

Topics Covered

• Hand expression of first milk and spoon feeding
• Early breastfeeding, using hands-on help
• Hands-on pumping

29 minutes, 2008

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