Masimo Rad-G

The Masimo Rad-G is a hospital-grade pulse oximeter that is ideal for use with newborns, children and adults. We also carry Masimo disposable sensors, replacement cables, and wraps.  

Masimo Rad-G Pulse Oximeter

Motion Tolerant Pulse Oximeter Ideal for Newborns, Children and Adults
Meets Newborn CCHD Screening Requirements

Includes Two Reusable Sensors
$659.00 excluding shipping

Masimo RD Set Disposable Sensors

Sterile Disposable Sensors for units using RD Set Cables
Neonatal/Adult & Infant
From $17.99 excluding shipping

Masimo RD SET G15-05 Cable

RD SET G15-05 #4773 Cable Only
$209.00 excluding shipping

Masimo Foam Wraps Package of 12

Foam Wraps for Mulit Site Sensors
Best Option for Newborns
From $23.00 excluding shipping