Medasonics Dopplers

Medasonics BF4B and Cardiobeat are the only vascular dopplers that come with a stethoscope style headset.

BF4B Vascular Doppler - Medasonics

BF4B Vascular Doppler With Stethoscope Headset
From $649.00 excluding shipping

Cardiobeat Vascular Doppler - Medasonics

Features Patented Noise Reduction
Includes Stethoscope Style Headset
$669.00 excluding shipping

Cardiobeat Vascular Doppler System - Medasonics

Detects Weak Pulses
Includes Digital Display
$839.00 excluding shipping

Headset Cords Only - Medasonics

Headset Cords Only for Medasonics Doppler Stethoscope Heatsets
$39.00 excluding shipping

Headsets with Cords - Medasonics

Stethoscope Style Headset for use with Medasonics Dopplers
$99.00 excluding shipping

Speaker Cords Only - Medasonics

Speaker Cords Only for Medasonics Speakers
Black or Gray
$48.00 excluding shipping