Medical Dopplers

 Cascade HealthCare Products offers competitive pricing on brand name Medical Dopplers from Huntleigh, Elite, Summit LifeDopImex, and Medasonics  We carry professional Obstetrical Dopplers, Vascular DopplersAntepartum Monitors and Intraoperative Dopplers as well as a selection of Doppler probes and accessories. With over 30 years of experience as a market leader in the sale of medical Dopplers, we are experts at recommending the perfect Doppler for your practice.

Our selection of medical Obstetrical Dopplers are designed for professional use. We feature hand held dopplers with a variety of features and probes; and we also carry table top models and Antepartum Monitors.

Our Vascular Dopplers are also designed for professional use. Whether you are looking for: a unit to confirm blood flow; want to conduct an assessment for the detection of Peripheral Vascular Disease; need a Doppler that shows bi-directional blood flow; want to do an ABI or TBI assessment; or you need an Intraoperative Doppler with sterilizable probes for surgery - you will find what you need in our comprehensive selection.