Our selection of portable medical suction aspirators is carefully chosen for use by midwives, nurse-midwives and other health care professonals for use at home, in birth centers or during emergency transport.

Res Q Vac System - Adult

Portable Hand-Powered Airway Suction Device
For Adults
$0.00 excluding shipping

Res Q Vac System - Infant

Portable Hand-Powered Airway Suction Device
For Infants
$0.00 excluding shipping

Schuco Aspirator S130A

Reliable Favorite, Heavy Metal Base
From $339.00 excluding shipping

Schuco Aspirator S330A

Molded Plastic Base, Lightweight
$319.00 excluding shipping

Schuco Aspirator S430A

Economical Model, No Base
$279.00 excluding shipping

Schuco Hydrophobic Bacteria Filters

Disposable Hydrophobic Filters For Schuco Aspirators
$0.00 excluding shipping

Schuco Replacement Canisters

Disposable Canister With Lids
From $10.00 excluding shipping

Schuco Suction Tubing Kits

Suction Tubing Kits
$12.00 excluding shipping

Suction Catheters

Straight Valve Catheter For Use With Aspirators
From $0.80 excluding shipping