Mercury CPR Infant Resuscitator

Infant Resuscitator With Manometer
No Longer Available
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Manufacturer part number: 10-55284
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Due to a change in the way Mercury distributes their products and a requirement to track each end user thus resulting in a much higher cost, Cascade has decided to discontinue the Mercury Resuscitator. Ambu offers a very similar product at a far more reasonable price and without the necessity of tracking each sale. Please consider ordering the Ambu Spur II with a manometer instead.


Click here!, for information and pricing on the Ambu Spur II with a manometer


The Mercury Infant CPR Bag with disposable manometer for infant resuscitation. This infant resuscitator is the only one of its kind, specifically designed with neonatal anatomy in mind, rather than using miniaturized components from adult models. The face mask is contoured specifically for the flat, small face of the neonate and the resuscitation bag features sensitive compliance so that you can feel the resistance as the lungs fill with air. Mercury also features a disposable manometer, which allows you to see how much pressure you are providing and for how long.