Cascade Prenatal Kit

Cascade Prenatal Kit Includes Prenatal Bag, Fetoscope, BP ProKit, Pregnancy Wheel and Tape Measure
SKU: 2153
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Our Prenatal Kit is  specially designed for students midwives and includes all the basics needed for prenatals. Specially designed using the color purple, to be representative of midwifery, each kit comes in a sturdy purple Iron Duck bag with a midwifery logo and features quality equipment in purple!

  • Purple Iron Duck General Use bag
  • Cascade Allen Type Fetoscope
  • Cascade Pinnacle ProKit: includes purple adult stethoscope & professional blood-pressure cuff
  • Retractable tape measure
  • Cascade pregnancy wheel

*We are happy to customize your Prenatal Kit to suit your needs! If you would like to specialize your kit, please send us an email at the address listed below. We do require a minimum order of ten (10) prenatal kits for any customizations.