Midwives College of Utah Midwifery Basic

MCU Midwifery Basic Kit for MCU's Midwife's Assistant Class
Equipment Bag NOT Included
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The Basic Midwifery Kits for the Midwives College of Utah is specially designed for MCU's Midwife's Assistant class. The Basic MCU Midwifery Kit includes the required class materials listed below but does not include a carrying case.


  • ADC Pro Combo Kit II, Blood Pressure Cuff & Stethoscope in Purple
  • Cascade Jumbo Digital Thermometer
  • Cascade Plastic Retractable Tape Measure
  • Cascade Allen-Type Purple Fetoscope
  • Vantage Rochester Pean Forceps, 6.25" long with straight tips
  • Vantage Operating Scissors, 5.5" long with sharp/blunt tips