Midwives College of Utah Midwifery Basic

MCU Midwifery Basic Kit for MCU's Midwife's Assistant Class
Equipment Bag NOT Included
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The Basic Midwifery Kits for the Midwives College of Utah is specially designed for MCU's Midwife's Assistant class. The Basic MCU Midwifery Kit does not come with a bag. It only includes the required class supplies and materials listed below.


  • Cascade Blood Pressure ProKit in Hunter Green
  • Cascade Jumbo Digital Thermometer
  • Cascade Plastic Retractable Tape Measure
  • Cascade Allen-Type Purple Fetoscope
  • Vantage Rochester Pean Forceps, 6.25" long with straight tips
  • Vantage Operating Scissors, 5.5" long with sharp/blunt tips