EZ Zyme Enzyme Cleaner - Miltex

Multi-Purpose Cleaner Liquid

Cascade HealthCare Products carries EZ Zyme Enzyme Cleaner by Miltex. This enzyme cleaner is an easy-to-use multi-enzyme liquid concentrate for surgical instruments and apparatus. This cleaner is ideal for cleaning hard to remove proteinaceous - mucous and tissue - and lipid fatty materials from the surfaces of surgical and dental instruments, linen, water submersible equipment, or where mechanical scrubbing is impractical.


  • Instrument pre-soak
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Laundry pre-soak
  • Evacuation system cleaner
  • Available in individual packets or a boxe of 32 packets

We have a variety of Sani-Cloth Wipes for surface disinfection and Sterilization products for surgical instruments. Just click here for our complete selection of Surgical Instrument Care products.

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EZ Zyme Enzyme Cleaner - Miltex, Each
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EZ Zyme Enzyme Cleaner - Miltex, Box of 32
Box of 32
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Manufacturer part number: 3-750
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