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5 Different Birth Stories
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries The Miracle of Birth 2: Five Birth Stories DVD. The most common hospital birth scenarios are realistically shown in this new compilation. Each intimate segment offers educators an effective tool for explaining the stages of labor, coping techniques, pain management, medical interventions and breastfeeding.

With Miracle of Birth 2, you can offer parents more than just information. There is nothing like a birth story to help parents understand the human side of labor, including changing emotions, dealing with the unexpected, the importance of support, birth reactions and connecting with the newborn.

Births Include

  • Epidural Birth: Julie uses coping techniques with her husband, then chooses an epidural
  • Vaginal Birth: Michanda and her husband use natural labor techniques, she chooses an analgesic for pain relief
  • Natural Birth: Tanya, a single mom, uses natural comfort measures at home and in the hospital
  • Cesarean Birth: Tu-Duyen has an unplanned cesarean after a long labor with the support of her husband
  • Twin Birth: Robyn delivers twins vaginally, using natural techniques with her husband's support

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