MD2 Multi Dopplex - Huntleigh

Vascular Doppler with Bi-Directional Blood Flow Display
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Huntleigh MD2 Multi Dopplex II 

The  Huntleigh MD2 Multi Dopplex II is one of the most advanced pocket Dopplers on the market. It provides the ability for high level vascular assessment, and is ideal for the detection of peripheral arterial disease. When used with the high sensitivity vascular probes it provides quality bi-directional blood flow information. It can be linked to the Dopplex Reporter software package for high quality waveform reports or the Dopplex Printa for single waveform recordings.

Vascular Probe Options

  • 4 MHz Probe: For detection of deep lying vessels.
  • 5 MHz Probe: For oedematous limbs and deep lying vessels.
  • 8 MHz Probe: For detection of peripheral vessels and calcified arteries.
  • EZ8MHz Probe: Easier detection, ideal for those with little doppler experience
  • 10 MHz Probe: For detection of smaller vessels in specialist superficial applications


  • Has an output jack for headphones
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Doppler comes with one probe of your choice
  • Uses one 9V battery - battery lasts for 250 one-minute exams
  • Includes carrying case, battery and coupling gel
  • Warranty 5 year parts, 1 year labor exclusive of cables and crystals.

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