Human Reproduction and Development

Kit for Demonstrating Embryo and Fetus Development
Includes Miracle of Life DVD
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Human Reproduction and Development 

The Human Reproduction and Development Kit by Nasco depicts the actual size and developmental stages of a fetus withincredibly realistic replicas! A thorough multimedia program, this kit presents an in-depth look at embryo and fetus development in humans. The accompanying text and teaching guide provide background information and study questions and include transparencies and blackline masters. The Miracle of Life DVD, along with the transparencies, tells the fascinating story of embryonic and fetal growth. The blackline masters highlight important study points for students.


  • Includes 9 realistic Life/form reproductions; 4 models of the early stages of the embryo & 5 actual replicas of the growing fetus
  • Includes The Miracle of Life DVD
  • Includese detailed text and teaching guide with 13 transparencies and 12 blackline masters

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