Sanitary Pads Night Time - Natracare

Organic Cotton Pads
*Plant Derived & Synthetics Free

Cascade HealthCare Products carries Natracare Night Time Sanitary Pads. Longer than the regular sanitary pads and super absorbent, these high-quality organic cotton sanitary pads are made only from pure materials derived from plants and designed to keep you dry throughout the night. These pads are free of synthetic materials that have a negative impact on our environment and are not chlorine bleached. Featuring an extra soft cover, thick, traditional pad and adhesive strip. Night time absorbency pads are approximately 9.5" long.


  • Plastic free
  • Totally chlorine free
  • Perfume free
  • Made from natural materials
  • Extra soft
  • Biodegradable

We also carry cold pads to relieve perineal swelling. Choose from premium hourglass shapes to heavyweight absorbency. Just click here to see our Perineal Cold Pad selection.

If you need help choosing the right products, Cheryl Meyers has over 30 years of experience working with midwives and other health care professionals. You can email questions to or call us at (800)443-9942.

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