Nicolet/Imex ABI & TBI Cuffs Only

ABI/TBI Cuffs Only for Imex ABI/TBI Kits
Size2 2.5cm - 12cm
SKU: 9902, 3484, 2913, 1186, 3807
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Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) Cuffs only  for use with any of the Elite, Imex and Versalab ABI, ABTI and BTI Cuff Kits. These cuffs have a special quick connector that can only be attached to the sphygmomanometers provided in the full cuff kits.

Cuff Options

  • 2.5 cm Toe Cuff with Coiled Tubing
  • 6.5 cm Pediatric Cuff
  • 10 cm Adult Cuff
  • 12 cm Large Adult Cuff
  • 12 cm Long Large Adult Cuff