Cascade HealthCare Products carries MADSEN Hearing Devices for screeing newborns. We offer OAE and ABR Hearing Devices that are ideal for midwives, out of hospital births, birthing centers and outpatient clinics. We also carry OAE + ABR combination screen devices that are often used in hospital newborn hearing screening programs.


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One to three of every 1000 babies are born with some degree of hearing loss. In order to ensure immediate detection and early intervention, hospitals require that newborns receive hearing screening within 48 hours of birth. Without newborn hearing screening, it is difficult to detect hearing loss within the first few months of life. Early identification is critical in order for timely diagnosis, early intervention and on-time learning to occur. For more information visit by clicking here.

The Madsen AccuScreen Newborn Hearing Screening systems are designed for ease of use and are ideal for use by all health care practitoners. These units provide birth centers, midwives, nurse-midwives, naturopaths and other health care professionals the ability to provide this necessary testing.

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AccuScreen OAE Newborn Hearing

Suitable for doing state mandated newborn hearing screens
Perfect for midwives and other professionals
$0.00 excluding shipping

AccuScreen ABR Newborn Hearing Screening Device

With Electrode Cable, Sample Electrodes, Probe Transducer & Starter Tip Kit
$9,500.00 excluding shipping

AccuScreen OAE + ABR Newborn Hearing Screening Device

Dual-Purpose Unit With OAE and ABR Function
With Electrode Cable, Sample Electrodes, Probe Transducer & Starter Tip Kit

Ideal for Clinics and Hospitals
From $10,700.00