Infant Measuring

From simple paper tape measures to durable measuring boards, Cascade has what you need to accurately measure newborns and infants. We feature Seca measure mats, measuring tape systems, infantometers and more.

Infantometer 416 - Seca

Seca Infantometer for Measuring Babies & Toddlers
Available in CM only or Dual CM/Inches

Measuring Board 417 Foldable - Seca

Portable, Folding Measurement Board
For Newborns & Infants Under 2 Years
From $58.00

Measuring Mat 210 - Seca

For Measuring Babies and Toddlers
From $132.00

Measuring Rod 217 - Seca

Stable Stadiometer for Mobile Height Measurement
From $325.00

Measuring Rod 222 - Seca

Mechanical Telescopic Measuring Rod with Large Measuring Range

Measuring Tape System 211 - Seca

Disposable Measuring Tapes and Wall Dispenser
From $92.00

Measuring Tape 212, Seca

Seca 212 Measuring Tape For Infant Head & Chest Circumference

Measuring Tape System 218 - Seca

Disposable Measuring Tapes & Wall Dispenser
From $139.00

Paper Tape Measure - Infant

Disposable Paper Tape Measures
From $0.10

Retractable Tape Measure, Plastic

Retractable Tape Measure for Fundal & Newborn Height Measurements
From $2.00 excluding shipping