Newman DigiDop Doppler Probes

Obstetrical & Vascular Probes
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries Newman DigiDop obstetric and vascular Doppler probes. The DigiDop 300 Doppler and the DigiDop 700 Doppler we carry are both multi-use Dopplers, which means you can use the same Doppler for vascular and obstetrical purposes simply by changing the probe.

For obstetrical use, Newman DigiDop offers two waterproof probes that are ideal for water births. Many Dopplers only offer you the 2 MHz waterproof probe, whereas Newman has designed 2 MHz and 3 MHz waterproof probes to suit your needs.

Obstetrical Probe Options:

  • 2 MHz Probe: For deeper penetration.
  • 2 MHz Waterproof Probe: For deeper penetration during water applications.
  • 3 MHz Probe: Early heartbeat detection and general use.
  • 3 MHz Waterproof Probe: For general use during water applications.

Vascular Probe Options:

  • 5 MHz Probe: Pen style probe for deep vessels. Commonly used for vascular testing above the knee and above the elbow.
  • 8 MHz Probe: Pen style probe for superficial vessels and general use. Commonly used for vascular testing below the knee and below the elbow.

*Newman offers a five (5) year parts and labor warranty against defects for all of their Dopplers.

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