Newman Obstetric

Newman Medical’s DigiDop II Obstetric Dopplers with modern features are durable, sensitive and offer 2mhz, 3mhz and waterproof probes. DigiDop II Dopplers are an excellent choice for listening to fetal heartbeats throughout pregnancy and are backed by a 5 year parts & labor warranty.

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DigiDop DDII 770 - Newman

Obstetric Doppler Doppler with Digital Display
5 Years Parts & Labor Warranty
$689.00 excluding shipping

DigiDop DDII 770R - Newman

Rechargeable Obstetric Doppler with Digital Display
Option of Waterproof Probes
$689.00 excluding shipping

DigiDop Probes Only - Newman

Obstetrical & Vascular Probes
For All Newman DigiDops
$179.00 excluding shipping

DigiDop Doppler Roll Stands - Newman

Roll Stands with Baskets
For DigiDop Regular & Rechargeable Dopplers
$289.00 excluding shipping