Nicolet & Imex Dopplers

Cascade HealthCare Products carries a wide selection of Nicolet & Imex Dopplers for vascular and obstetric use. The Nicolet Doppler series includes Elite Dopplers, Imex Dopplers, Versalab APM Antepartum Monitors and Versalab LE Vascular Monitors. With over 30 years experience supplying Dopplers, Nicolet is one of the most trusted and affordable brands on the market. Their interchangeable probes are ideal for professionals who utilize their Dopplers for vascular and obstetric purposes and desire the convenience of using the same Doppler simply by changing the probe. Choosing a Nicolet Doppler is also more cost effective as you only invest in one Doppler and are free to select whichever probes will best suit your practice. With sound being the most important output of any Doppler, Nicolet has developed Static Suppression Doppler (SSD) technology that provides a crystal clear, static-free signal for the best possible diagnostic information.