Imex Obstetrical

Nicolet Imex Obstetrical Dopplers include the best selling audio only Pocket-Dop II Doppler, the IMEXDOP CT+ Tabletop Dopplerwith digital display and the cordless Imex FreeDop with digital display Doppler.

Nicolet Imex has over 30 years of experience in the Doppler market and has created a product that excels in every facet of performance. Whether you are looking for the convenience of a handheld Doppler, the quality of a large clear digital display, or the flexibility of a cordless Doppler, we have the Imex Doppler to fit your needs!


Imex Pocket Dop II Obstetrical Doppler

Imex Pocket Dop II Audio Only Obstetrical Doppler
Choose 2mhz, 2mhz Waterproof or 3mhz Probe
$569.00 excluding shipping

IMEXDOP CT+ Obstetric Doppler

ImexDop CT+ Obstetric Doppler with Dual Speakers
Choose from 2mhz, 2mhz Waterproof or 3mhz Probe

IMEXDOP CT+ OB/Vascular Combo Doppler

ImexDop CT+ OB/Vascular Doppler with Dual Speakers
Includes Both Obstetric & Vascular Probes

Imex FreeDop , Obstetrical

Imex FreeDop Obstetrical Table Top Doppler with Digital Display
2mhz or 3mhz Cordless Probes
$0.00 excluding shipping

Imex FreeDop, Combo OB & Vascular

Imex FreeDop Combo OB/Vascular Table Top Doppler with Digital Display
Includes OB & Vascular Cordless Probes
$0.00 excluding shipping