Imex Vascular

Our selection of Imex Vascular Dopplers includes the best selling audio only Pocket-Dop II Doppler, the IMEXDOP CT+ Tabletop Doppler with a large digial dipaly and the cordless Imex FreeDop with digital display.



Imex Pocket Dop II Vascular Doppler

Audio Only Vascular Doppler
Choose either 5mhz or 8mhz probes.
$599.00 excluding shipping

Imex Pocket Dop II OB/Vascular Combo

Audio Only OB/Vascular Combo Doppler
Includes Both Obstetrical & Vascular Probe
$799.00 excluding shipping

Imex Pocket Dop II Vascular w/ABI Kit

Audio Only Vascular Doppler with ABI Kit
Choose 5mhz or 8mhz Probe
$979.00 excluding shipping

IMEXDOP CT+ Vascular Doppler

Tabletop Vascular w/Digital Display & Dual Speakers
Choose from 5mhz or 8mhz Probes
$969.00 excluding shipping

IMEXDOP CT+ OB/Vascular Combo Doppler

Tabletop OB/Vascular w/Digital Display & Dual Speakers
Comes with Both OB & Vascular Probes
Mulit Unit Discounts Available
$1,169.00 excluding shipping